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Pre-conception consultation

In order to have the ideal pregnancy, development and birth of a healthy child, we recommend that care commences before pregnancy. We must evaluate fully the health of the mother-to-be, her medical history, current illnesses, psychological and physical condition, the possible need for pharmacological supplements, and, lastly, the most appropriate moment to try for the pregnancy. This is what we have called our “Pre-conception consultation”.

This consultation is aimed at every woman who wants to become pregnant in the near future (within the following 12 months), but is especially recommended for:

  • Women with problematic obstetric histories (miscarriage, foetal death, or a child born with a congenital disorder).
  • Couples at risk of genetic diseases (due to personal medical histories or known family medical backgrounds).
  • Women suffering from serious or chronic diseases.
  • Women of an advanced age.

The pre-conception consultation consists of going through family and patient clinical histories as well as carrying out a complete gynaecological examination, including the cytology. In some cases, a blood test is required. The patient is also given some basic advice regarding life-style, healthy diet, exercise, and pharmacological supplements (for example, the taking of iodine and folic acid for at least a month before the pregnancy). In addition, she is informed about when and how a pregnancy test is carried out and about her first visit to the doctor on becoming pregnant.


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