Is the EmbryoGlue® culture medium that is used during embryo development efficient?

Is the EmbryoGlue® culture medium that is used during embryo development efficient?

Culture mediums used during embryo development in in vitro fertilisation (IVF) laboratories are crucial to the exit of assisted reproduction treatment of any kind. Culture mediums have the mission of reproducing the physiological conditions inside the female reproductive system as closely as possible, embracing fertilisation up until embryo implantation in the endometrium.

In order for implantation to take place during a cycle of assisted reproduction, embryos need to be positioned in the uterine cavity through embryo transfer. A large variety of culture mediums are currently used in IVF laboratories for embryo transfer. One of them is EmbryoGlue®

This medium aims to reproduce the physiological conditions surrounding the embryo when implantation takes place and it also has the particular feature of being hyaluronan-enriched. This chemical composition could help the embryo to adhere to the endometrium correctly since we are aware that this tissue also synthesises the compound, precisely during the phase of the menstrual cycle when embryo implantation takes place.

Extensive scientific literature on EmbryoGlue® does not yet exist but some publications do recommend its use only in certain cases, particularly cases of repeated implantation failure. For this reason, Instituto Bernabeu has EmbryoGlue® culture medium available for cases when its use is necessary.

However, given the scarce published literature on this culture medium, it is impossible to say that it makes significant improvements to clinical results in assisted reproduction treatment compared with other embryo culture mediums that are used in embryo transfer.

At Instituto Bernabeu, we believe in medicine based on fact and the existing facts on EmbryoGlue® mean that we must continue to research the true efficiency of this culture medium.

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