Ethical Values and Principles

Above everything else – the patient. This is our number one and most important value: the focussing of all our efforts towards their care.

IB was founded by doctors over 35 years ago and since then the direction, management and decision making of the clinic has been developed following medical criteria set out by doctors. Unlike other clinics, which have based their model on shareholder and investor decisions, no medical outsiders have ever been accepted as part of the management board, let alone investors or venture capitalists. This allows us to be free: Patients have the absolute guarantee that the decisions, treatment and medical advice they may receive is not based on financial gain.

Shunning commercialism we recommend no fanciful treatments with uncertain outcomes but instead are guided by only the highest ethical standards and efficiencies in our daily work.

The freedom to provide patient care according to strict ethical and medical standards is one of the key reasons for the trust that has been placed in us by the thousands of patients treated at our Centre since 1985.

Along with the constant updating in medical and paramedical training, the extensive monitoring of all processes and analyses of results, coupled with the use of better diagnostic and therapeutic technology in our own laboratories allow us to offer comprehensive care.

IB was created, by and for patients bringing them progress, knowledge and more efficient techniques for their treatment and recovery. This is our principal interest, the source of our enthusiasm and commitment and the beneficiaries of which are our patients.

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