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Assisted reproduction centre in Elche, Spain

We are leaders in Reproductive Medicine with personalized treatments and cutting edge technology. Specialists in Poor Ovarian Response and Implantation Failure

Instituto Bernabeu Elche

Clara de Campoamor, 1, Esquina Avda. Libertad 03206 Elche

Telephone: 966 664 411

Emergency Phone: 919 914 441


Lat: 38° 16' 18.0408" Lon: 0° 42' 5.6484"

Instituto Bernabeu in Elche was set up in 2001 and was the first reproductive medicine clinic in the city. Its facilities, located in the very heart of the city, are welcoming and have the very latest technology. The branch is managed by Dr Francisco Sellers, a gynaecologist who has worked at Instituto Bernabeu for over 20 years. He is responsible for a team that ensures that each patient is special, a team that gives each course of treatment absolute dedication and care because we know from experience that the way to achieve a pregnancy is to apply exquisite personalisation and care during each phase.

Personalised treatment and the use of the very latest in technological updates are characteristic of Instituto Bernabeu. The assisted reproduction centre’s clinic in Elche specialises in gynaecology and in providing solutions to infertility issues. Amongst other specialised medical units, the units dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of two of the most significant and complex infertility issues (recurrent pregnancy loss and repeat implantation failure as well as reproduction issues as a result of poor ovarian reserve) are leaders on an international scale.

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