Time-lapse system for embryo incubation

We incorporate state-of-the-art technology for embryo selection, which does not however result in higher costs for our patients: we are committed to achieving the best results

Time-lapse system for embryo incubation
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What are the Time Lapse incubators?

Time Lapse technology, commercialised as “Geri®”, “EmbryoScope®”, “Primo Vision™” or “Esco Miri®” , involves continued observation of embryonic development, thus allowing us to film the embryo’s evolution without having to observe it every so often under the microscope. In other words, it is not necessary to take embryos out of their incubators, which guarantees stable culture conditions during their development until they reach blastocyst stage. Thanks to this system, embryos are monitored at all times and we receive images at 5-minute intervals. The Time Lapse system automatically disconnects between image takes to prevent embryos from too prolonged an exposure to electromagnetic radiation.


Benefits of Time Lapse incubator

Before embryo transfer is performed, a specific software programme reconstructs all the images captured and allows us to watch and analyse the development of the embryos in order to select the best one for transfer.

In this way, monitoring embryonic development with Geri® incubators including Time-lapse technology gives us the opportunity to analyse new development and morphokinetic parameters and, as a consequence, increase our precision when selecting those embryos with the best potential to produce a full-term pregnancy. This has been a great step forward vis-à-vis traditional considerations that were made in IVF laboratories, such as cell number assessment, fragmentation or symmetry.

Incorporating these incubators with image systems, along with analysis of all chromosomes through PGT, makes it possible today to select highly competent embryos for their implantation and normal development, thus achieving our final goal: welcoming a healthy baby at home.

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