Additional therapies

Additional therapies
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For additional support during fertility treatments, we offer our patients a variety of natural therapies to be able to face the different steps of treatment with calm and tranquility.

We count on professionals with extensive experience, in an atmosphere conducive to relaxing your body and mind, either before or during your treatment.

Afterwards we offer a massage program specially designed for pregnancy, to prepare the body and to promote the physical well-being of mother and baby.

Relaxing Massage

This restores the nervous system through relieving muscle tension, while improving mind-body balance.

It aims to release tension, gradually increasing applied pressure. Its effect is relaxation and improvement of muscle tone through gentle touch.


The most important aspect of this massage is to act on pressure points, primarily found on the back and neck muscles.

Anti stress Massage

This massage is primarily for healthy people that do not have any specific injury or muscle fatigue.

Its purpose is to alleviate the emotional and physical consequences of stress.

Foot Massage

Feet are sensitive and delicate, but also resilient. Hundreds of nerve endings are concentrated in the soles of our feet, and with a good massage a feeling of well-being and relaxation is felt throughout the body.

Foot massages are beneficial for the body and mind, since they relieve tension and help us return to a state of relaxation and vitality.

Therapeutic Massage

This massage is meant to improve circulation, recuperate motility in damaged tissues, alleviate or reduce pain, or to balance our sensory awareness. It improves muscle tone and loosens joints, optimizing our physical state.

Lymphatic Massage

This type of massage improves the function of the lymphatic system, a crucial part of the immune system. A series of gentle movements aimed at draining or shifting the lymph nodes that for any number of reasons has become stagnant, in order to return its normal flow.



Acupuncture is a technique of oriental medicine that has proven very beneficial in preventing and treating a number of diseases, and to improve health and reduce stress. Acupuncture treatments can alleviate the adverse effects of some drugs used in fertility treatments such as irritability, moodiness and headaches. It also reduces the risk of abdominal pain and swelling, appearing as an adjuvant treatment, no side effects and absolutely natural.


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