A consultation with a urology and andrology specialist

A consultation with a urology and andrology specialist
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Issues in the male partner are the cause of an elevated percentage of reproduction issues. However, analysis of these issues tends to be incomplete and is often based exclusively on a sperm analysis, which is insufficient because an abnormal seminogram can often be caused by genetic disorders, chromosomal disorders, infectious diseases or even tumours. Therefore, appropriate examinations are necessary in order to ensure that a comprehensive study is carried out before in vitro treatment begins. Studies should not aim exclusively to optimise results but also reduce the risk of passing abnormalities in men on to offspring.

Included in fertility patients’ first appointment

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the European Association of Urology (EAU) believe that a comprehensive assessment of male partners is necessary when the cause of fertility is unknown or when female factors have been treated but the infertility issue has not been resolved. In order to obtain a diagnosis, a detailed and comprehensive medical background on the patient is prepared; ultrasound and physical examinations are performed; semen, hormone and genetic analyses are prepared; and, less commonly, a testicular biopsy is taken.

At Instituto Bernabeu, we have a reputable team of urology and andrology specialists to provide male patients with comprehensive healthcare when they are faced with infertility issues.

We also include a urology and andrology examination and consultation in Initial Fertility Appointments at no additional cost when seminogram results are abnormal or when clinical data suggests that it is necessary. 

How can it help?

It helps to determine how your treatment is designed and avoids transmission of male issues to offspring. It is also beneficial for your health since abnormal fertility analysis results can uncover other unknown pathologies.  

Who performs the comprehensive urology and andrology analysis?

At all its clinics, Instituto Bernabeu has a team of urologists who specialise in andrology.

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