Since 1988, egg donation has been legally regulated in Spain. It is a well-controlled and anonymous process that can be carried out thanks to the solidarity of many people. We should bear in mind that Spain is the leading country in terms of organ donation, including egg donation and blood donation, which is quite common in our country.

The ability for one cell to be donated, such as the human oocyte, is due to medical and biological advances and human compassion. This has allowed millions of couples around the world to achieve something so natural, but at times so complex: having children.

Instituto Bernabeu has been carrying out and perfecting this reproduction treatment for over 20 years.

The donation of eggs must follow strict legal guidelines that not only protect the anonymity of the donors but also the receiving patients. The donor must be selected based on race, blood group, and physical characteristics in relation to the receiving couple. Therefore, each receiving patient will have the most compatible eggs based on these criteria.

The process consists of synchronizing the donor’s ovarian stimulation with the receiving patient’s uterus. In order to achieve this, the receiving patient only has to take oral or transdermal oestrogen for 18-30 days. It is a comfortable treatment that is easy to follow, which requires ultrasound scans of the endometrium prior to the embryo transfer.

The goal of this treatment is to achieve high quality embryos with a high pregnancy rate (approximately 65%) and a low chance of miscarriage. This is due to the fact that the chance of pregnancy is closely linked to the age of the egg; the higher the chances the younger the woman is. This also gives a low miscarriage rate. Donors are between 18 and 35 years old.

50% of the time when high quality embryos are not transferred (an average of 2 are transferred per cycle), they can be frozen through vitrification. This gives a great advantage for future treatments.

Thanks to the dedication and coordination of the specialised teams in our clinic, patients are given continuous personalised attention throughout the process with the maximum level of ease and assurance.

Dr. Lydia Luque, gynaecologist of Instituto Bernabeu.

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