Female genital cosmetic surgery. Is it a matter of aesthetics or of health?

An increasing number of women wish to feel at ease with their bodies and turn to intimate or female genital surgery in order to feel more confident during sexual intercourse and get greater pleasure out of it. This involves a number of surgical techniques which are not only used for aesthetic reasons but also in […]

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Ultrasound scan evaluation for the tubes permeability: Hysterosonography

To evaluate a couple with conception problems, we need to check if there could be some type of obstruction in the fallopian tubes, which are the ducts that connect the uterus with the ovaries, thereby preventing pregnancy.

In the early days of Reproductive Medicine, even insufflations were made through the uterus with the aim of trying […]

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Female genital mutilation

Ablation or genital mutilation includes a series of
practices consisting of the total or partial removal of the female external
genitals, particularly the clitoris, with the purpose of eliminate all sexual
pleasure in women for cultural, religious or any other non-medical reasons.

Genital mutilation as a
submission tool

Ablation is mostly done on little girls and teenagers between 4 and 14 […]

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What is the corpus luteum?

After ovulation, follicles transform into the corpus luteum or ‘yellow body’. Corpus luteum development depends on the luteinising hormone (LH) surge before ovulation and on the number of receptors for this gonadotropin in the granulosa cells and in the theca cells.  Both types of cells go through significant changes in structure and composition and this turns the walls of the corpus […]

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Menstrual pain, is it normal?

is part of a woman’s life and, as such, we have to deal with it whilst carrying
on with the rest of our daily activities. However, in many cases this becomes a
major limitation because of the pain it causes, then it is advisable to start

What is the menstrual cycle? And menstrual pain?

is a cyclin bleeding […]

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What is estradiol? What is this sex hormone’s role?

Hormones are messengers that are present in all multicellular organisms – be they animal or plant organisms – that coordinate the functions of each part of that organism.

The sex hormones par excellence are estradiol in females and testosterone in males. Although it’s true that is produced by both men and women, but at different levels.

Estradiol […]

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Famous women and infertility

Feeling how other women had to walk through this
difficult path we are now in, can help us to, not to feel different, ¡but

Outstanding women, according to public opinion, who
suffered or still suffers -most of them in silence- the instinctive desire to
become mothers.

Women who had difficulties in achieving pregnancy

If you feel you are socially pressured to […]

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Progesterone and its role in reproduction

What is progesterone? Just a simple look at the word itself gives us an idea of what its functions are. PROGESTERONE: the hormone which facilitates pregnancy. This is a good point from which to start out.

Progesterone plays an essential role in pregnancy and it has many and varied effects. It is a natural substance which is secreted from […]

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The menopause: everything you need to know

What is the menopause and at what age do women go through it?

The menopause is defined as the moment
when menstruation comes to a complete stop. Diagnosis is generally clinical and
confirmed when a woman’s periods have ceased for a period of at least one year.
It does sometimes, however, need to be confirmed through a hormone analysis. […]

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Importance of the Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) detection in sperm and egg donors

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are produced, in most cases, by viruses, bacteria and fungi, which are transmitted by unprotected intercourse, including vaginal, oral or anal sex. In addition, in pregnant women, they can be transmitted from the mother to the fetus, which can cause miscarriages, premature deliveries and even neonatal death.

The side effects of these […]

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