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Is Oocytes donation a painful process?

Complications are infrequent and if they do, they are generally reduced to discomfort similar to those that occur during menstruation. At Instituto Bernabeu, the egg donor is treated with the same affection and professionalism as any other patient, keeping in mind the importance of their donation.

As detailed by the SEF (Spanish Fertility Society) https://www.sefertilidad.net/docs/biblioteca/guiasPracticaClinicas/guia20.pdfdonors should not run any risk due to the fact of donation, complications, with the exception of some rare abdominal discomfort, are extremely rare.

Below, we enclose the information that describes the possible risks:

  • Associated with stimulation:
    • The existence of an ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is a low risk. Fortunately, the incidence of OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome) according to the SEF varies between 0.6% and 10% of ovarian stimulation treatments. Severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome occurs in 0.5-2% of IVF cycles.
    • “Abdominal discomfort. Pain relievers can be taken both during stimulation and after the puncture. Normally they disappear 24-48 hours after the puncture”.
  • Linked to ovarian puncture:
    • “Post-puncture hemorrhage: although they are not frequent and when they exist they are of little intensity and are practically always self-limited (…)”
    • “Extremely infrequent complications, but we must think about them in special cases, they can be ovarian torsion, intestinal tears, abundant bleeding due to puncture of large vessels”.
  • Associated with anaesthesia: “Allergies to any of its components, risk of aspiration”.

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