A surprising number of patients require the support of assisted reproduction techniques in order to become parents with egg donation treatments playing a major role. These patients choose the professionalism of Instituto Bernabeu to achieve this goal.At Instituto Bernabeu the egg donor is looked after with the same care and professionalism as any other patient. We respect the importance of her donation; which represents the cornerstone of our success. Like any other patient she is part of our quality control process and fills out quality questionnaires to evaluate our processes and care levels.

Fully aware of the great responsibility that comes with the trust that these patients place in our team, we start a rigorous donor selection process to ensure the highest quality and the best results for our patients.

Psychological Assessment: conducted by a clinical psychologist who is expert in helping patients undergoing assisted reproduction.

The evaluation includes a personal interview and the application of our EMAE Psychological Assessment Questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to understand the person’s individual personality traits and to analyse the differing aspects (emotional, social, etc. ). We can then predict types of behaviour such as emotional stability, assertiveness, responsibility, levels of common sense, interpersonal skills, selflessness, trust, absence of depression, self-confidence, resistance to anxiety, etc.).

Most women have proven fertility.

The next step comprises of a complete battery of blood tests to rule out certain serologies such as HIV, hepatitis, and syphilis.

Although Spanish Law only requires a serological analysis for donation, Instituto Bernabeu applies a more comprehensive selection process; a comprehensive genetic study including karyotyping and a study of genetic inheritance which rules out the most common hereditary diseases (Cystic Fibrosis, mutations on the Fragile-X chromosome, thalassemia, Spinal Muscular Atrophy) and so preventing their transmission. This process is managed by our Genetics department, IB BIOTECH.

Once all medical analyses have been passed, the gynaecologist takes over and performs medical and gynaecological examinations to assess the egg donor’s response to treatment and to rule out any further medical conditions.

If these tests are passed, the egg donor can become part of our donor bank awaiting a recipient mother with similar physical characteristics. This donor allocation process is key and represents a multidisciplinary effort encompassing the correct synchronisation between the parallel treatments of the egg donor and the recipient mother. The process is managed by the international care assistant (asistente en cuidados integrales) who liaises between the egg donation department and the patient. Special focus is placed on blood group and type, hair type and colour, eye colour and skin tone, height and weight.

The recipient mother, thanks to the most rigorous processes at Instituto Bernabeu receives a donation of an average of 9 mature eggs. She does not have to worry about waiting lists and can be reassured by the information that she receives relating to all the analyses and testing that the egg donor undergoes.

Egg donation is regulated in Spanish law as a free, formal and confidential contract between the donor and the authorised centre.

It is important to note that the law demands that the medical centre preserve at all times the anonymity of the egg donor. That is, not to disclose their identity, except in extraordinary circumstances set out in the Law where there is danger to the life of the child born from the donation.

The Law also states that the choice of donor is always made by the centre and that each donor can have a maximum of six offspring, including their own.

Donor DNA Storage Bank

The bank allows us to have at hand your egg donor’s DNA at all times. This is especially important when the diagnosis of a particular genetic disease is required, which will in turn facilitate the application of an advanced genetic study undertaken on the future child.

You can arrange an

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