A book co-directed by Dr Llacer reviews endometrial preparation methods in the search for success in reproductive treatments

  • 21-04-2021

Instituto Bernabeu’s medical co-director, Dr Joaquin Llacer, has co-directed the writing of the book "Endometrial preparation in assisted reproduction techniques" edited by Angelini, together with doctors Joana Peñarubia and Juan Antonio García-Velasco. The directors of this publication are part of the Reproductive Endocrinology Interest Group of the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF).

In the book participated 13 specialists in gynecology and reproductive medicine from all over Spain. The objective of this monograph, focused on facilitating the work of professionals, is to review the different methods of endometrial preparation that currently exist and review, from a critical point of view, all the elements that intervene in this process. The information provided, allow physicians to choose the method to achieve the best synchronization between the embryo and the endometrium and, therefore, give the patient a greater chance of achieving a pregnancy ensuring a good state of health of the mother and the foetus during pregnancy.

The specialists explain the key to endometrial preparation in seven chapters. The first, in charge of doctors Joaquín Llácer and Claudio Álvarez, addresses the Physiology of endometrial preparation, indicating that the key to achieving reproduction is to have a receptive endometrium and to have a deep understanding of its anatomy and physiology.

Estrogens in endometrial preparation; progesterone and endometrium; the use of gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogues in endometrial preparation; the question of how long to maintain estrogen and progesterone treatment? the natural cycle as a method of endometrial preparation; and endometrial preparation in special cases make up the rest of the sections in which this publication details.

You can download the book at the following link:

“Endometrial preparation in assisted reproduction techniques”

Directors: Joaquin Llacer, Joana Peñarubia y Juan Antonio Garcia-Velasco