Menopause and Endocrinology

Menopause and Endocrinology
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A way to explain menopause could be as an estrogen withdrawal syndrome caused by the loss of ovarian production. This entails a number of consequences for women, not just for their sex life (libido decrease, vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy,…) but also for their gynaecology (risk of neoplasia) and other comprehensive areas of their health.

During this period there is a tendency to gain weight, thyroid disorders (hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism) and problems of hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and arterial hypertension are commonly found or become severe, and bone mass loss accelerates and, as a consequence, there is a greater risk of developing osteoporosis and suffering fractures. For these reasons, it is a stage of life where it is important to take an active stance and take comprehensive care of oneself in terms of diet, exercise, dietary supplements and, in some cases, pharmacological treatments so as to ensure the best possible quality of life for the years that lie ahead. It is not about extending life expectancy, but about enhancing the quality of those future years.

Our Endocrinology Centre helps to approach this important stage in a woman’s life comprehensively through nutritional advice, preventive treatment of osteoporosis, detection of thyroid disorders, treatment and monitoring of diabetes, arterial hypertension and dyslipemia.

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