Andrology and Endocrinology

Late-onset hypogonadism

Andrology and Endocrinology
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Just like women, men are increasingly involved in health care specific to their sex and are increasingly aware of the importance of preventive andrological and urological monitoring. At our institute, we treat nutritional, metabolic and hormonal disorders that occur at different stages of life. Special attention is paid to early detection of prostate carcinoma and appearance of late-onset hypogonadism (LOH), which would be the equivalent of menopause in women, also known as “andropause”, with similar consequences to those of menopause. We provide an effective hormone replacement treatment that prevents osteoporosis and improves erectile dysfunction, among other advantages. As with women, our mission is to help men through these situations with the best quality of life possible. To make this possible, our Endocrinology Centre conducts assessments of the convenience of hormone replacement treatments.

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