Implantation failure and recurrent miscarriage

Use of platelet-rich growth factor (PRP) in implantation failure and thin endometriums

Despite advances in the treatment of reproductive disorders, the embryo implantation is still far from being fully understood and, therefore, an effective treatment is not always at reach.

At Instituto Bernabeu we are fully aware of repeated implantation failures after the transfer of embryos morphologically classified as good quality and chromosomally normal, constitute a frustrating situation […]

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Progress in genetic diagnosis of recurrent pregnancy loss: studying the exome

ESHRE (European Society of Human
Reproduction and Embryology) definition of patients
who suffer from recurrent pregnancy is a woman who has had two or more
pregnancy losses before week 20 of pregnancy.

are the causes of recurrent pregnancy loss?

The pathology has a number of possible causes including anatomical, coagulation, immunological and endocrine abnormalities and so on. Genetics is another […]

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Microbiome: “microorganisms who live inside you and affect your fertility”

It was traditionally believed that bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that live in our body were always harmful, but this is not the case. They are essential to achieve the balance of our body: the microbiome is the set of those microorganisms that live in our body. Thanks to the genetic techniques of massive sequencing, […]

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Importance of clinical trials for the discovery of new drugs and therapies in Reproductive Medicine

For a new drug to be marketed and used in humans,
research must be preceded by laboratory studies and animal experimentation. If
under these conditions the study drug meets the established requirements, it
can begin to be tested in people through clinical trials.

What are clinical trials?

A clinical trial is a research study that is carried
out in humans with […]

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Immunotherapy with lymphocytes of male partner for embryo nesting. No evidence to back any benefit

As we all know, our immune system is in charge of protecting us against agents that can cause disease, such as bacteria or viruses. Basically, the immune system detects if an agent is foreign to the body and triggers a reaction in order to kill it. This occurs in this way, except in the case […]

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Several courses of unsuccessful fertility treatment. When has the time come to give up?

Whilst the success rates of assisted reproduction treatment are increasingly higher, in a small number of cases, couples who have undergone several courses of in vitro fertilisation without having achieved a viable pregnancy decide to give up treatment for good.

One of the main reasons why couples do not have children is because they give up on treatment […]

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What is chronic endometritis? What is its effect in fertility?

Chronic endometritis is the name given to a continuous inflammation of the endometrium. It is a pathology that can be found in up to 10% of women, however it is known that this percentage is much higher in patients that have had recurrent embryo implantation failure and in patients who have had recurrent miscarriages (10-67%).

What […]

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Emotional support for repeated miscarriages

According to the WHO, infertility is considered a chronic illness, since it causes emotional reactions that are the same as those seen in patients with other serious chronic pathologies.

Infertility is considered to be a stressful event that causes an “emotional imbalance” and affects a high percentage of patients.

The reactions and emotional states evolve and change […]

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Natural cell killers (NKC): influence in reproduction and in the embryo’s implantation failure

Embryo implantation in the mother’s uterus is a very important phenomenon in the human survival and evolution. Many of its regulating processes have been already described but we still have a long way to understand it all.

Genetically speaking, the human embryo is the result
of a chromosomal combination between the egg and the sperm. Hence is […]

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The miracle of embryo implantation

Embryo implantation is the process in which the human embryo adheres to the endometrium, where it continues developing. The first step of this process begins with the dialogue between the embryonic and maternal cells.

This is an extremely complex process that is currently only partially known and depends on the embryo quality, uterine receptivity and their […]

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