Assisted reproduction

Doubts, questions and answers about egg vitrification

What is the egg vitrification about?

Vitrification technique is a relatively new freezing technique based on avoiding the ice crystals formation inside the cells when temperatures below 0 are reached (freezing), therefore, protecting them from their destruction. We can vitrify embryos or eggs.

How long can my eggs remain
frozen without damage?

Once we have vitrified the oocytes, they […]

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Endometrial receptivity: Optimum characteristics for the endometrium when a woman wishes to get pregnant

The inner-most layer of uterus covering the uterine cavity is called the endometrium. It is a dynamic tissue and its characteristics vary throughout the menstrual cycle.

Its most important function is to engage in dialogue with the embryo so that the latter can implant and the uterus can serve as a suitable place for a pregnancy to develop.

There […]

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What is hypospermia? How can it be detected? How does it affect my fertility?

The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that a man has hypospermia when the semen sample he produces when he ejaculates is below 1.5 mL. A semen analysis needs to be performed in order to obtain a diagnosis. This test measures different semen parameters such as the volume of the ejaculate, the number of spermatozoa, sperm mobility and so on.

In order […]

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What happens to ova that have not fertilised?

During assisted reproduction treatment, the ova and spermatozoa need to be transported to a laboratory where they are united using one of two methods: conventional in vitro fertilisation (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

During IVF, ova and spermatozoa are brought into close contact so that a spermatozoon can penetrate the ovule ‘naturally’ and generate fertilisation. It is a mainly […]

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Reasons to cancel and embryo transfer

One of the most exciting times during a treatment of assisted reproductive is the Embryo Transfer. After carrying out all the laboratory processes, microinjection (ICSI) or insemination (IVF) and embryo culture, among others, it is time to transfer the selected embryo.

However at times it is not possible to transfer the
embryo and we must cancel or […]

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What is a hydrocele? Symptoms and treatment

A hydrocele is the accumulation of fluid in the
testicular covers (in one or both testicles) causing an almost permanent swelling
of the scrotum.

Is not rare in newborns, but they occur more
frequently in adults. In newborns, it disappears in many cases within months of
birth. In adults, in many cases, the cause is not recognized, but in other,
there […]

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Fertility preservation in transgender people

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines reproductive health as a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being which implies, among other things, the ability of a person to reproduce and the freedom to decide when.

This definition tells us that reproductive health is
not just the absence of a disease. Furthermore, since 2016, the right to
medical […]

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ROPA treatment or how two moms share motherhood

He’s name
is Iker, he’s nine months old and two moms who adores him. Ana and Lucia
thought that the love they share couldn’t be bigger and, when their little
miracle arrived, they discovered that this love was huge.

After giving it lots of thoughts and with knowing the experience some other friends who had already set the […]

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What posible complications can be given in the embryo transfer?

The aim of any assisted reproductive treatment ends with embryo transfer. This is the gentle placement of the embryo in the uterine cavity. Is the key moment of the entire procedure, embryologist and gynaecologist working together.

Embryo transfers can be done in a fresh cycle, that is, transferring the embryo after in vitro development in day […]

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Reduced mobility and fertility

Reproduction issues always need to be dealt with with a degree of sensitivity. When there is also a disability within the couple, the emotional side of things calls for even greater care and steps should be taken in order to deal adequately with any implications the disability in question has from a medical point of […]

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