A lecture at Instituto Bernabeu on the impact of advanced paternal age on pregnancy and on the child

September, 25th 2018

What is the impact of the father’s age on his child’s health? This question was the backbone of the professional gathering that took place on 13th September in the Instituto Bernabeu auditorium, Alicante. Norwegian gynaecologist at the Spiren clinic, Liv Bente, delivered her lecture to gynaecologists, embryologists and biologists. The expert unpicked the results obtained in studies on the negative impact of advanced paternal age. The results indicate a poorer prognosis during pregnancy as well as in the child’s early development. Men over 50 years of age are at an increased risk of having children with autism and schizophrenia.

Gynaecologist Ll. Aparicio was responsible for presenting Dr Bente who is a member of a group of experts in assisted reproduction epidemiology in Nordic countries. The group is particularly noteworthy for the way in which it monitors children conceived through assisted reproduction treatment.


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