Instituto Bernabeu proposes ovarian sensitivity as a new marker in assisted reproduction

September, 26th 2018

Instituto Bernabeu has submitted a clinical study to the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) congress that proposes ovarian sensitivity as a new marker in assisted reproduction.

In the research work led by gynaecologist Belén Moliner, Doctor Moliner explains that only 30% of stimulation response variables can be explained using ovarian reserve tests “meaning that 70% of the response cannot be explained or could be explained through what is known as ovarian sensitivity”. As such, it could be regarded as a new biomarker.

Dr Moliner points out that the oocytes obtained during high-sensitivity stimulation also lead to embryos with a better prognosis. Therefore, it can be considered a substitute marker for oocyte quality.

Instituto Bernabeu has a leading Poor Ovarian Response Unit as a result of which it continually performs research and studies that are used to improve the prognosis in patients with this condition. One of its achievements includes the use of pharmacogenetics in ovarian stimulation based on each patient’s profile and adjusting medication accordingly.

La sensibilidad ovárica como nuevo biomarcador en reproducción asistida. Moliner B, Ll. Aparicio J, Guerrero J, Castillo JC, Bernabeu A, Sellers F, Ten J, Bernabeu R

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