Egg Donor

Done anonymously, voluntarily and altruistically, egg donation helps other couples to become parents

Como ser donante de óvulos

Do you need help? 
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Your solidarity will help couples with infertility problems not to see their dream of becoming parents broken. If you are looking for guarantees, you will receive the best service and have the best facilities at your disposal at Instituto Bernabéu. 

What are the requirements to become an egg donor?

Under Spanish law on egg donation:

  • Being between 18 and 33 years of age
  • Having an adequate body mass index
  • Being in good physical and mental health
  • Not suffering from any hereditary or infectious disease that can be transmitted to the offspring
  • Commitment and responsibility

Before donating eggs

After contacting us by sending an email with your contact information or calling (+34) 965 50 40 00 so that we advise you, we will schedule an appointment where, so as to ensure a quality donation and abide by the requirements of Spanish law, we will perform:

  • A psychological assessment, performed by a psychologist.
  • A personal and family medical history assessment, performed by a gynaecologist specialising in fertility, as well as a physical and gynaecological examination, so as to make sure that you are in good health condition and rule out the risk of transmission of a gynaecological pathology.
  • Chromosomal and genetic studies to rule out the possible presence of hereditary diseases: Karyotype, screening for Fragile X Syndrome, Thalassemia, Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and the study of 552 genes linked to over 600 autosomal recessive diseases (CGT: The most comprehensive genetic compatibility test); and a general laboratory test (blood type and Rh factor, syphilis serology, hepatitis B and C serology, HIV serology, and coagulation tests) and STDs (most common sexually-transmitted diseases).

The recipient of your help

Your egg donation helps women:

  • Who do not have ovaries or whose ovaries are no longer functioning because of their age or because of a disease.
  • Whose eggs do not have the necessary quality to achieve a full-term pregnancy.
  • Whose eggs would transmit genetic diseases to their offspring.

Pursuant to the Law

Pursuant to the provisions of Law 14/2006 of 26 May, donation at Instituto Bernabeu is an entirely anonymous, open, voluntary, informed and unpaid. Pursuant to existing legislation, you will receive financial compensation for your trouble.

Spanish legislation prevails; anonymity is always guaranteed. That is, your identity may not be revealed and you may not be told the identity of the new family members. With this in mind, Instituto Bernabeu applies the provisions of the Spanish Data Protection Act (LOPD) and provides for the regulations of the national assisted reproduction donor record (SIRHA).

Do you need help? 
We can help you with a no-obligation