Patient-centered fertility care: First Visit

During your first visit, a comprehensive assessment of your case will be performed and the foundations of the doctor/patient relationship will be laid.

Patient-centered fertility care: First Visit
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What happens at a first fertility appointment?

Your first fertility appointment entails making an evaluation of the particulars of your case based on medical, gynaecological and andrological histories including, where applicable, an analysis of courses of treatment carried out in other clinics. If you do not have the basic fertility check-up (sperm analysis, pap smear, AMH level, 3D ultrasound), we will perform during your first visit at no additional cost as these results will allow us to offer you the possible treatment options tailored to your real needs, not just standardized protocols. The cost of your initial fertility appointment will be deducted from the total cost of your treatment, should you decide to go ahead.

Where does it take place?

The first appointment usually involves meeting patients at our facilities. The rooms at Instituto Bernabeu are a suitable place for doctors and patients to have a relaxed conversation. However, if for whatever reason coming to our clinics is complicated, it is possible to arrange an appointment using video conference facilities or even over the phone. It will help us to get an idea of your particular case and will save you the trouble of having to travel.

Who will I see during my first visit?

During infertility consultations, patients are seen by a gynaecologist specialising in reproductive medicine. Doctors dealing with international patients do so in the couple’s own language. All the gynaecologists at IB dealing with patients who have infertility issues have been awarded either ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) or EBCOG (European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology) recognition and have extensive experience.

Furthermore, right from the moment you get in touch with us, you will be assigned a Personal Assistant (PA) to care for you and counsel you in your mother tongue. You will receive a personalised service based on both professional experience and an emotional understanding of reproductive issues.

Where do I need to go when I visit an IB centre?

Our front desk staff and your Patient Care Assistant will be waiting for you at the arranged time. You will be asked to provide data for administration purposes (name and contact details) in order to open your medical file, and will be taken to a private waiting room.

What happens at a first fertility appointment?

Having met the gynaecologist who will be in charge of your case, the appointment will cover the following:

  • Anamnesis. This is the first step in any medical consultation. The gynaecologist will ask you about your family and personal background. It is important that you share each and every aspect of your medical history that may have an impact on the diagnosis and treatment of your infertility issue, as well as the development of your future pregnancy.
  • Evaluation of your previous fertility history. The length of the possible fertility issue will be evaluated, should any tests or treatment have been carried out, these will be taken into account and noted down in your medical history along with any relevant details in order to personalize your case.
  • General and gynaecological health check. Most likely an ultrasound will be performed this same day to check your uterus and ovaries.
  • Tests for diagnosis. Once all the available data has been evaluated, you will be informed about and given an explanation of the tests that need to be carried out in order to diagnose your issue. These can be carried out on the same day in order to speed things up and avoid unnecessary appointments. The cost of the first appointment includes, where applicable:
    • Asophisticated ultrasound scan of morphology and of ovarian function.
    • A basic sperm analysis.
    • Sperm morphology analysis.
    • An anti-mullerian (AMH) hormone analysis in order to evaluate activity in the ovaries.
  • If needed, sperm freezing will be carried out in order to avoid coming on the day of fertilization.
  • Any necessary additional appointments, telephone or Skype conversations in order to clear up any doubts you may have or in order to obtain additional information related to the appointment will be free of charge.

What should I carry with me for my first fertility appointment?

It is a good idea to bring any documents (analyses, tests, medical reports and so on) that may be of some relevance. You may even send scanned copies of them to us in order to help speed the process up because the gynaecologist will be able to look at them before you arrive.

Should it be difficult to get hold of the documents, do not put the visit off. We are able to make a good evaluation based on the appointment and can determine if those documents are essential or not.

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