Patient-centered fertility care: First Visit

During the first visit, a complete evaluation of the case is made and the basis of the doctor-patient relationship is established

Patient-centered fertility care: First Visit
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What does the first fertility appointment consist of?

We will evaluate all aspects related to your case, from your medical, gynaecological or andrological history, including – if applicable – a study of the treatments carried out in other centres. If you do not have the basic fertility check-up (semen analysis, smear test, AMH anti-mullerian hormone analysis, 3-dimensional ultrasound study), we will perform it in this first visit at no additional cost because without its result we could not offer you the possible treatment alternatives adapted to your real needs and not to standard protocols. The price of the first fertility visit will be deducted from the cost of your treatment, if you decide to do it with us.

Where does it take place?

Usually the first visit requires an interview with the patients at our facilities. The offices of the Instituto Bernabeu provide a suitable environment for a relaxed conversation between doctors and patients. However, if for any reason it is difficult for you to come to one of our centres, it is possible to arrange an appointment by videoconference or even by telephone, which will allow us to focus on your case and save you the inconvenience of travelling.

Who will see me at my first fertility consultation?

For a fertility consultation, patients are seen by a gynaecologist specialising in reproductive medicine. In the case of foreign patients, the doctor who will assist you will do so in your own language. All gynaecologists who assess patients with infertility problems at the IB have been recognised by the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) and by the EBCOG (European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology) and have proven experience.

In addition, from the first contact, you will have at your disposal your Personal Assistant (PA) who will attend and guide you at all times in your own language, offering you individualised attention based on professional experience and emotional knowledge of reproductive issues.

Where should I go when I visit an IB centre?

Our reception staff and your personal assistant will be waiting for you at the agreed time. You will be asked for some administrative information (name and contact details) to open your medical history and you will be taken to a waiting room in a private environment.

What does the first fertility visit consist of?

After being introduced to the gynaecologist who will be responsible for your case, the visit will be structured in the following steps:

  • Anamnesis. This is the first step in any medical procedure. The gynaecologist will ask you about your family and personal history. It is important to know every detail of your medical history that could have importance both in the diagnosis and treatment of your infertility problem, as well as in the course of your future pregnancy.
  • Evaluation of previous infertility history. The time of evolution of infertility will be noted and, if you have undergone any diagnostic test or treatment, all the details will be observed and noted in the medical history in order to personalise the study.
  • General and gynaecological examination. It is very likely that a gynaecological ultrasound scan will be carried out on the same day to assess the morphology and function of your uterus and ovaries.
  • Diagnostic tests. After the evaluation of all the data, you will be informed and explained about the tests to be performed in order to diagnose your problem. They can be carried out on the same day to shorten the time and avoid unnecessary visits. The cost of the first visit, if necessary, includes:
    • A high resolution 3D ultrasound for the morphological study of the uterus, tubes and ovaries.
    • A basic semen analysis.
    • Sperm morphology study.
    • An analysis of your anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) to assess your ovarian activity.
  • In this first visit, the gynaecologist who sees you will give you an initial assessment of your prognosis and the possible alternatives for a personalised design of the treatment. The visits or telephone or Skype contacts that you may need later to resolve your doubts or obtain additional information related to this visit will be free of charge.

What should I bring to the first fertility visit?

It is advisable to bring all the documents (analyses, tests, medical reports…) that may be of interest, you can even send us these documents scanned, which will speed up the study as the gynaecologist will be able to see these tests prior to the visit.

In any case, if it is difficult for you to have the documents, do not delay the visit as the interview will allow us to make a proper assessment and confirm whether they are absolutely necessary or dispensable.

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