What is adenomyosis?

What is adenomyosis?

Adenomyosis is defined as an abnormal presence of endometrial tissue inside the muscular lining of the uterus.

Adenomyosis is not a well-known condition because diagnosis is not easy. Clinical expression can range from no symptoms whatsoever to heavy, lengthy periods and dysmenorrhoea.

Diagnosis has now improved considerably thanks to the use of high-resolution ultrasounds in 4D making detection of the presence of the endometrium outside its correct position possible.

At Instituto Bernabeu, we are able to carry out a diagnosis with ultrasound technology based on signs that are an indication of this condition. For example, a tree-shaped image and specific biomarkers that help us to make a correct diagnosis.

Adenomyosis can affect the uterus focally (that is, it affects a limited area of the uterine cavity) or it can be diffuse (when the entire area is affected).

In the case of the latter, the patient may have implantation failure issues.

Treatment of adenomyosis is a challenge for doctors and calls for personalised evaluation.

Dr Rafael Bernabeu, Medical Director at Instituto Bernabeu

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