ROPA treatment or how two moms share motherhood

ROPA treatment or how two moms share motherhood

He’s name is Iker, he’s nine months old and two moms who adores him. Ana and Lucia thought that the love they share couldn’t be bigger and, when their little miracle arrived, they discovered that this love was huge.

After giving it lots of thoughts and with knowing the experience some other friends who had already set the step forward, they decided they wanted to be the biological mother of their future baby. And this was possible thanks to the ROPA treatment (Partner’s eggs reception) one gives the eggs and the other one gestates the baby. This way, they both greatly enjoy motherhood.

As hundreds of other lesbian couples have done, they have trusted Instituto Bernabeu group to make their dream of becoming mothers true. This decision comes easy with a clinic where professionalism and an elite reproductive medicine is applied along a warm human care.

How do we do it?

The clinic has extensive experience in reproductive medicine and many lesbian couples choose the ROPA method. The technique is easy and at Instituto Bernabeu we carry out the entire process flawlessly.

It all starts with the first visit to Instituto Bernabeu. On this first consultation we do a gynaecological check-up, we analyse both medical history and address the best chances of success.

In the next step, the woman who provides her eggs undergoes ovarian stimulation treatment prescribed by a gynaecologist who is an expert in reproductive medicine. And when these are mature, they are extracted through an ovarian puncture in an intervention with hardly any discomfort as a light sedation is applied.

The eggs are fertilized with donor sperm in the laboratory. Embryologists carry out intensive monitoring of the embryo through state-of-the-art incubators that allow them to observe its development step by step.

In parallel, a hormonal treatment is given to the partner in order to prepare her uterus. After endometrial preparation, the embryo is transferred to the future mother, usually in a classic cycle of in vitro fertilization (IVF). The process is quick and painless. They can return to their country that very same day. The couple lives the process and pregnancy with great intensity and both are an active part.

Emotions involved whilst undergoing assisted reproduction treatment are managed thanks to individualized psychological sessions, which the clinic makes available to couples free of charge.

Mom there’re only two


This way, for Ana and Lucía it has been very easy to make the decision and trust Instituto Bernabeu to start such an important life project. And they say that the process with which together they have become a family and have given birth to Iker, who has two mothers, has been very easy.


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