IB Low Ovarian Response Unit

IB Low Ovarian Response Unit

A patient with low response to the ovarian stimulation for IVF is probably the most significant challenge faced by professionals treating couples with fertility problems.

When the options of obtaining a number of eggs are limited, the alternatives that can be offered are either to quit and therefore lose the option of becoming parents, or to use donor eggs with the related emotional connotations.

At Instituto Bernabeu, we have created a specific unit for low responders because we believe that these couples need personalised care with a multidisciplinary approach. We coordinate the efforts of all the professionals participating in the treatment (gynaecologists, embryologists, geneticists…) to be absolutely sure we can offer patients the best chances of success.

We therefore offer the most advanced diagnostic methods, personalised stimulation protocols, cutting-edge technology in the laboratory, and even more importantly, specific emotional support to these patients dealing with a complicated situation.

In the field of Reproductive Biology, we focus our efforts on the best possible care of the gametes and embryos of patients with low ovarian response, applying the latest technologies such as the low oxygen embryo culture.

With the low ovarian response unit, we have advanced in the study of the uterus, which provides us with greater knowledge of the place where the future baby will nest.  At Instituto Bernabeu, we measure the endometrial volume and vascularisation of the embryo’s nutrition through an advanced ultrasound system called VOCAL, which allows us to significantly improve the future nesting place.


In recent years, there have been great advancements in the knowledge of the genes involved in the ovary’s physiology. In theory, these could be target genes for a low ovarian response. However, despite these advancements, between 70-90% of ovarian failure cases are due to unknown causes.

The projects that we are developing in the Instituto Bernabeu Low Response Unit aim to identify and characterize prognostic genetic markers, which will help us to design a personalized treatment for each patient.

In the Low Response Unit, we have already implemented several protocols of specific treatment for these women.

These advanced protocols include 4 to 8 weeks of previous preparation with new hormone medication with androgenic profiles and ovarian stimulations that are softer than usual. With all this we seek a sufficient response by improving the egg quality.

We can already offer personalised results in each age range based on the number of obtained eggs. For example, we can confirm that the pregnancy rates in patients with 3 obtained eggs are over 40% in women under 40.

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