IB implantation failure and repeated miscarriage unit

IB implantation failure and repeated miscarriage unit

At Instituto Bernabeu, we have developed a specific programme with protocols designed to treat repeated miscarriages and unsuccessful assisted reproduction treatments through the multidisciplinary approach that allows us to diagnose and therefore overcome these problems.

Genetic analysis of implantation failure and recurrent miscarriage

The genetic studies conducted on women, men and embryos allow us to establish the possible causes of the implantation failure or repeated miscarriage and their results help us to choose the most suitable treatment. Our research work focuses on identifying the genetic variables that lead to a higher risk of this pathology.

Previous uterine analysis

Advancements in studying the uterine implantation capacity deserve special attention.

At IB, we include the measurement of the endometrial volume and vascularisation that nourishes the embryo through an advanced ultrasound system called VOCAL.

We are discovering that these two parameters are clearly related to the embryo’s implantation capacity.

The uterus is the place where the embryo (future baby) nests. There may sometimes be alterations in the uterus that cause implantation problems or repeated miscarriages.

Through simple techniques, such as Diagnostic Hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy, we can detect and treat them.

We can therefore improve the pregnancy rates, implantation and the chances of success in the treatment of a new pregnancy.

Reproductive biology and R&D in Repeat Implantation Failure

The biology of reproduction department designs individual strategies to improve the embryo development through the blastocyst stage, where the chances of implantation are higher. Therefore, we are developing systems and specific culture means that increase the possibility of achieving an ongoing pregnancy with the support of other additional techniques (vitrification, assisted hatching and preimplantational genetic diagnosis).

Our R&D programme is also focused on these types of patients, which makes the short-term future expectations very promising for these couples.

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