Egg donation

A woman's ovary often loses its ability to produce the healthy eggs needed to conceive for a variety of reasons, such as age, genetic disorders, previous surgeries, etc. Because of this we find ourselves required to turn to egg donation.

Fortunately this technique has the highest pregnancy rate and several other advantages: no need for ovarian stimulation or daily injections, and a lower miscarriage rate due to chromosomal abnormalities related to patient age.

Egg donation in Spain is anonymous and altruistic, according to current Spanish legislation. Before a female donor is assigned to a recipient couple, she undergoes a strict battery of tests administered by our multidisciplinary team.

These tests include:

  • Medical, psychological and gynaecological examinations
  • Blood and serological tests for infectious diseases
  • Karyotype and a study of her genetic history to rule out the most common hereditary illnesses

The donor then undergoes ovary stimulation to obtain an adequate number of oocytes. The retrieved oocytes are then fertilised and days later, when the resulting embryos reach their optimum state of development, they are transferred to the recipient mother’s uterus.

egg donation

At Instituto Bernabeu, the selection of the most suitable donor for each couple is an extremely meticulous process in such a way that facial features and medical characteristics should be as close as possible to the recipient mother’s.

In parallel, the recipient mother begins a simple non-invasive treatment which prepares her uterus for the upcoming transfer of embryos. This preparation is monitored by periodic scans.

Now the In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) process begins. The retrieved oocytes are fertilised using the male partner’s semen, which was previously prepared in the laboratory. If the couple wishes to reduce the time of their stay with us, semen that was previously frozen at Instituto Bernabeu or in your home country can be used.

Monitoring the embryo development is essential in the selection of the best embryos. The embryologists monitor their development and along with the gynaecologist decide the best day for their transfer to the recipient mother’s uterus. As a result of the treatment there are often more than two viable embryos. These remaining embryos can be cryopreserved using vitrification. This is a freezing process which allows the patient to use them for subsequent transfers at a later date.

Following an embryo transfer pregnancy, birth and lactation will develop normally. After birth, the newborn will be legally recognised as the recipient mother’s child; just like any other birth.

Success rates per cycle are between 40-70%. (Staticals results)

egg donation in spain

In Europe, Instituto Bernabeu is a point of reference for oocyte donation cycles due to our 15 years of experience, our high number of oocyte donors and their socio-cultural level.

We can guarantee:

  • No waiting lists
  • Exhaustive medical and genetic testing of all donors
  • Complete compatibility between donor and recipient from a medical standpoint
  • Exclusive assignment of one donor per recipient, which allows a greater number and better quality of oocytes for donation
  • Meticulous selection process regarding physical characteristics to ensure similarity to the recipient mother


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Patients who require donated gametes as part of their fertility treatment can now be provided with the donor’s DNA, thanks to the donor DNA cryobank that we have pioneered since 2010, this is especially important if your child has a future medical situation that may require the diagnosis of a particular genetic disease. This will facilitate the use of advanced genetic studies.

Instituto Bernabeu Egg donors receive special care

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