Rafael Bernabeu Foundation helps preserving fertility for women suffering breast cancer


Rafael Bernabeu Foundation helps preserving fertility for women suffering breast cancer

Instituto Bernabeu Social Fund undertakes for the last 13 years, the egg freeze costs so they may become mothers after overcoming the disease. 

October 19th is the Breast Cancer International day. Is the most spread type of cancer among women around the world and the major cause of mortality in female cancer. This disease is considered as mostly hereditary and must be battled with prevention. Self-examination and mammograms are our best allies to early detection of this carcinoma. 

Year after year, Rafael Bernabeu Social Fund walks along women who suffer a gynaecological cancer. And October, Breast Cancer Sensibilisation Month around the world, help us raise awareness over investigation and prevention importance. Instituto Bernabeu Social Fund shows its commitment by divulgation and raising awareness. But coronavirus has cut this year the traditional Fund’s activities, such as talks and conferences at the clinic’s conference room, or the photograph contest which help us all emphasise and understand the affected women. In spite of present difficulties, the Fund keeps its commitment and support all women undergoing the healing process. Rafael Bernabeu Social Fund has maintained for 13 years with no interruptions the free egg vitrification programme for women who suffer cancer. We assume the egg cryopreservation treatment costs for people who are going to undertake radiotherapy or chemotherapy and wish to become mothers after overcoming the disease. This is just one more contribution to encourage women facing the aggressive treatment and where 45% of cases will mean the woman’s sterility due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy ovarian failure. To able to offer this social contribution, the Instituto Bernabeu’s innovative and powerful vitrification eggs programme has been the key. 

Other Rafael Bernabeu Social Fund contribution to all women undergoing the gynaecological cancer healing process is the support given “from the heart”. For them and specially for their close ones and family, we have created an easy guide with 10 tips to help and support women to overcome this disease.

We invite you to take these tips with you and you can find them in the following link.

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