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I’ve undergone surgery for obesity. Can I still get pregnant?

Yes, pregnancy may even occur naturally following weight loss but it’s important for weight loss to be stable before pregnancy. Necessary vitamin supplements need to be taken and a healthy eating pattern must be established. These patients need to be treated and followed-up by specialists in the field.

Our Endocrinology Department is part of our Assisted Reproduction Unit. It is responsible for evaluating patients in terms of endocrinology and nutrition whenever necessary.

As such, we are able to provide all women who wish to get pregnant and have endocrinology issues with a connection to previous pregnancies with adequate counselling and support. These include diabetes, thyroid problems, weight issues (being underweight, overweight or obese), polycystic ovary syndrome, prolactinomas and other less frequent but equally as important issues which require careful analysis and pre-conception preparation (congenital adrenal hyperplasia, diabetes insipidus…). We also deal with women who have had obesity issues and who have undergone surgery for this (stomach reduction and/or malabsorptive procedures).

Analysis is carried out in all cases prior to pregnancy and includes nutritional analysis, vitamin supplements and, where necessary, optimisation of pharmaceutical drugs, follow-up and adaptation of the treatment throughout the pregnancy and post-natal check-ups.

In some cases, the male will have endocrinological issues which may need dealing with before assisted reproduction treatment takes place and/or nutrition issues. In such cases, support in terms of nutrition, vitamins and pharmaceutical drugs is given, where applicable.

In some cases there are abnormalities which come up during pregnancy such as gestational diabetes or pregancy-related hyperthyroidism which requires specific treatment by the Endocrinology Department.

Our Endocrincology Department also covers post-natal check-ups and changes which can take place during this period. This includes breast-feeding advice, nutrition (weight control), post-natal vitamin supplements and possible endocrinological abnormalities (post-natal thyroid malfunction).

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