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What is the difference between TESA and MESA?

TESA and MESA are two different types of testicular biopsy. There are others too, each characterised as follows:

MESA: Sperm aspiration from the epididymis by means of microsurgery.

TESA: Sperm extraction from the testicles by means of a biopsy.

PESA: Percutaneous aspiration from the epididymis.

TEFNA: Fine-needle sperm aspiration from the epididymis and the testicles.

As for the MESA technique, it has its own indications. It improves sperm retrieval and reduces the amount of tissue that is removed from the testicle. A surgical loupe or microscope is necessary. With TESE, multiple normalised samples biopsied from different parts of the testicle are analysed. It is essential to work with the laboratory of reproductive biology in real time and incorporate their expertise and dedication to the reproductive process, which clearly improves the results.

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