Personalised fertility counselling unit

Personalised fertility counselling unit

Behind our on-line consultation system, there is a team of trained personnel. The team is ready to help users and make them see that the concerns amongst people who are looking for an answer to their doubts or worries, are also our concerns. Instituto Bernabeu has a Personalised Counselling Unit. Its team of experts has been trained to clear up the doubts which people understandably have when they are thinking about beginning treatment, when they wish to compare opinions, when they are looking for help regarding how much treatment will cost or when they have gynaecological-related doubts about assisted reproduction. 

Instituto Bernabeu‘s webpage is the entrance door for many people. They contact us using the consultation form, indicating the reason for getting in touch for the fist time. Through its Personalised Counselling Unit, Instituto Bernabeu aims to provide peace of mind and a guarantee that each case will be dealt with individually. This is done with the professionalism and reliability which our clinic has built up over the three decades it has been working. Thanks to a multi-disciplinary team, we are able to deal with concerns of all kinds.

The matters dealt with in this unit are as diverse as each person’s needs and are of both national and international origin. They are dealt with in different languages – mainly English, French, Italian, Russian and Dutch. In fact, Instituto Bernabeu has dealt with patients from 63 different countries. Many of the consultations received are in order to request an initial appointment. Some of them come to us from countries as far away as Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Instituto Bernabeu provides its patients with a trained team of staff who are in direct contact with the medical healthcare team working at the reproductive medicine clinic. Therefore, each case is dealt with in the best way possible and in a personalised manner. The very first consultation is incredibly important if patients are to understand that they will be treated as an individual and that their case will be taken on with interest and professionalism at a clinic in which continuous research at the service of patients is one of its strong points.

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