My personal choice to use artificial insemination and become a single mother

My personal choice to use artificial insemination and become a single mother

I’m not very old but I’m not young enough to just let time go by. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now. I’ve always wanted to have children. It’s not something I feel I can’t live without but it is something I’d like to do. I’ve been in several relationships but none of them have worked out. I’m currently at a time in my life when I feel strong and I’d like to bring up a child on my own.

A number of my female friends have had children thanks to Instituto Bernabeu. I’ve heard about the issues that they had getting pregnant. With one of them, I went through the two miscarriages that she had; I’ve listened to them talk about the treatment they are having; I’ve heard about the dedication and attention to detail at the clinic; they’ve told me about the day that they went through in vitro fertilisation; and I’ve heard about the difficult wait for the pregnancy test result.  I’ve also rejoiced with them when their lives have changed after finally getting pregnant. So when I told them all of a sudden that I’d also been to the clinic to try and have a baby, my two best friends didn’t know whether to laugh or cry with happiness.

I’ve thought this decision through. I’ve gathered information and I’ve looked at the webpage over and over again. I trust them and I’ve been given lots of references about how competent and professional they are. That’s my main concern. My health is important to me. My main concerns have been about the donor. It’s important to me that he is both physically and psychologically healthy. I’ve checked that the entire process is a strict and professional one. I’m not worried. The donor is anonymous, between 18 and 35 years of age and, at Instituto Bernabeu, they undergo strict physical and psychological checks. The sperm analysis is very extensive and hereditary disorders are ruled out. Donors have an infectious disease test and a genetic analysis. My main concern is that the donor is healthy. They’ve explained everything to me in such detail and so well that it’s all been very simple.

I’ve checked. In addition to being professional, everyone I spoke to at Instituto Bernabeu was incredibly charming. I don’t feel alone. Nobody’s judging me. They’re just trying to help me achieve my goal of becoming a mother and making my journey there as simple as possible. I’ve had to prepare my body and I’ve studied fertility in detail so that I understand the hormone process and how my endometrium is readied for treatment. I’ve had an ultrasound scan to check my ovarian reserve and I’ve been given the choice between artificial insemination and in vitro fertilisation. The beta pregnancy test was positive and there’s a baby growing inside me. It’s a sought-after and planned baby. Thanks to Instituto Bernabeu, the process has been very natural and as my baby grows inside me, I already feel like I’ve got my own family.

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