A more reliable technique for detecting anti-Mullerian hormone and estimate ovarian reserve

A more reliable technique for detecting anti-Mullerian hormone and estimate ovarian reserve

We have built a new much more reliable, rapid technique (in 3 days the result is obtained) and as we do it directly in our laboratories the price is reduced to 50€. Only requires a blood test that can be performed in our clinics or send the sample by courier.

The determination of AMH levels in the woman’s blood helps us to assess the ovarian reserve and, together with the completion of an ultrasound to count antral follicles, provides information about their reproductive future and if there is or not a need to rush in getting pregnant.

It is also useful for individualizing the treatment for your fertility problem and helps predict the success of it.

It is increasingly common to find in consultations couples where the woman has a diminished ovarian reserve. This decrease in ovarian reserve can be expected in the case of older women, but it can be an unexpected finding in young women, especially if menstrual cycles are regular.

So to an assisted reproduction clinic as ours, in which the individualization of treatment is essential, it is important that the determination of the levels of AMH is very reliable.

Until recently, the available technique for the assessment of this hormone was very specific and we encountered a mismatch between the values of the analysis and the antral follicles shown in the ultrasound, so that sometimes we obtained conflicting data regarding ovarian reserve. This circumstance caused the scientific community to lose confidence in its usefulness and that both to physicians and patients provide them with more questions than answers.

Given the importance of the issue, we have carefully study the subject and we have incorporated in our laboratories a modified technique from the previous one that allows us to obtain reliable values of AMH

The benefits to our patients are:

  • Have a more specific technique that helps guide and make safer diagnosis and treatment
  • The completion of the analysis in our laboratories gives us more control over the handling and storage of the sample.
  • The result of the analysis is available in a few days, which allows us to schedule the next visit to the gynecologist as soon as possible, reducing the couple’s anxiety.
  • As a reference center for reproductive medicine, we have information from assisted reproduction treatment of our patients, subsequently made after assessing AMH. Thus, this monitoring will allow us to apply our experience to future patients.

Ultimately, the recent incorporation of this technique to our labs, once again demonstrates the continued commitment to improving our services and to provide our patients the best individualized treatment to each particular case.

Dra Ana Mª Fabregat, pharmacist at Instituto Bernabeu.

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