Instituto Bernabeu organises an international congress on progress in fertility aimed at experts in nursing

  • 28-11-2017

Instituto Bernabeu is responsible for organising the 'IB International Workshop 2018: A new approach to nursing in fertility' international congress due to be held on 11th and 12th May 2018 in the auditorium at the clinic's headquarters in Alicante. The aim is to bring together professionals from the field of nursing and experts in caring for reproductive medicine patients and, in doing so, share and delve deep into knowledge that improves global care specifically for these patients.

The official language for the 'IB International Workshop 2018: A new approach to nursing in fertility' will be English. The event will be divided up into five sessions in which experts from the different areas at Instituto Bernabeu and experts from international hospitals will participate. The workshop will launch based on the subject of progress in assisted reproduction (New Feats). Virginia Alarcón, a nurse at Instituto Bernabeu, and the Medical Director of the clinic and gynaecologist, Dr Rafael Bernabeu, will give a presentation covering progress in implantation failure. Additional presentations will focus on egg donation and genetic analysis of the patient and of the embryo. The second session will cover personalisation of patient care (Individualising Patient Care) whilst the third will cover high definition ultrasound scans (High Definition Ultrasound Workshop). Emotional support is an integral part of the care given to reproductive medicine patients at Instituto Bernabeu and, for this reason, the fourth session (Emotional Support) will cover psychological care. The last section of the international gathering will concentrate on overall patient healthcare (Holistic Patient Care).

Training and knowledge are one of the pillars of Instituto Bernabeu and it is for this reason that it holds periodical events and training courses through which it remains at the forefront of progress in reproductive medicine. There are a limited number of places - 118 in all - at the international congress. The registration period is now open and can be carried out via

IB International Workshop 2018: A new approach to nursing in fertility