Dr Belén Moliner participates in a scientific meeting on ovarian ageing


Dr Belén Moliner participates in a scientific meeting on ovarian ageing

The Endometriosis and High-Resolution Ultrasound Unit Coordinator at Instituto Bernabeu, Dr Belén Moliner, participated on December 1st and 2nd in the Advisory Board organized by the science and technology company Merk, a scientific meeting attended by doctors from 13 different countries, thus becoming a global forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences about fertility and assisted reproduction. Dr Moliner was the only Spanish representative.

The main objective was to discuss the pathophysiology of ovarian ageing, focusing on the evidence of luteinizing hormone (LH) deficiency and its crucial role in advanced maternal age. In addition, other scientific topics of relevance such as the need of evidence to advance in the understanding and treatment of various conditions related to reproductive health were addressed.

Dr Moliner explained that “ovarian ageing presents major challenges for women who wish to conceive. The decrease in ovarian reserve and egg quality can affect fertility and increase difficulties in natural conception”. Therefore, she continued, “it is essential to thoroughly investigate the underlying mechanisms, such as LH deficiency, in order to develop more effective and personalized therapeutic approaches. We are committed to finding solutions that allow women to plan their childbearing in an informed way and with greater guarantees of success, despite the challenges ovarian ageing may present”.

In this regard, Dr Moliner expressed her gratitude for the invitation to this event because “the diversity of medical perspectives from around the world greatly enriched the discussion on this important topic”. Dr Moliner’s active presence at this even reinforces Instituto Bernabeu’s position as a reference in research and treatment of endometriosis and other conditions related to reproductive health at an international level.

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