Download for free the Guide for women who decide to be a mother without a partner


Download for free the Guide for women who decide to be a mother without a partner

At Instituto Bernabeu we want to make it easier for women who want to be a mother without a partner. That is why we give away this Guide, which can be downloaded free of charge, to help you in your life project of undertaking motherhood alone. An adventure that has very personal motivations: the biological clock; having parked maternity for professional reasons; not wanting to postpone being a mother despite not having found the right partner; the vital conviction of not wanting to lose the opportunity to live motherhood or the conviction of having a child without another person with whom to share decisions.

The guide tells the usual doubts that arise when the first step is taken to form a single-parent family; offers guidance in pregnancy planning; and points out the qualities that a good clinic should have. One of the essential aspects is the relevance that the center must give to the semen donor. Instituto Bernabeu performs the Genetic Compatibility Test (GCT) on all its donors, the most complete analysis of hereditary diseases – more than 600-2,500 recessive diseases -, which takes care of the health of the future baby.

The guide for women who want to be single mothers addresses the different assisted reproduction techniques to develop the project of solitary motherhood, from artificial insemination to IVF with donor semen, through double donor IVF, embryo donation or adoption. As well as the necessary preliminary tests. And it tells the story of Conchi, who one day started on her way to motherhood alone and whom her children call «superhero mom.»


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