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What are the advantages of oocyte or embryo vitrification?

Vitrification is an advanced cell-freezing technique, which allows a higher survival rate after thawing due to the fact that high concentrations of cryoproctectors are used along with reduced volumes and timings. Thus, the formation of intracellular ice crystals is prevented, which are responsible, in most cases, for provoking irreparable cell damage.

The vitrification process is used to freeze oocytes or embryos and it guarantees a survival rate of more than 80%. This technique enables the vitrified oocytes which have survived the thawing process to have similar attributes to fresh ones. They are then able to be fertilized by the spermatozoids. The generated embryos can then be implanted and develop into healthy children. Although the implantation rate is lower than with fresh embryos, frozen embryos, once thawed, achieve a normal pregnancy.

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