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Endoscopic surgery for fertility

The use of endoscopic surgery, whether this be abdominal (laparoscopy) or transvaginal (hysteroscopy), has provided for huge steps forward in medicine as a whole and in the field of gynaecology in particular. The techniques are only minimally invasive, meaning that patients are able to recover quickly from surgery and many of the procedures can be performed without the […]

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Recommendations of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), with regards to Coronavirus COVID-19

infection (COVID-19) has reached pandemic proportions; Its rapid spread poses
unique challenges to global health and entails the implementation of
extraordinary measures worldwide to limit its spread. Compared to the general
population, pregnant women represent a group that requires special attention.

On 14 March,
2020,  ESHRE
(European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) makes a press release  regarding its
position on Covid-19 […]

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Psychological support to cope with the current situation: Covid-19

Psychological support to cope with the current
situation: Covid-19

The coronavirus has come into our lives, this reality affects us all. The way of living the same situation is what will differentiate us.

The coronavirus has reached all our lives in the
form of a crisis. Let us understand an unexpected situation as a crisis, for
which we are not […]

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The importance of freezing techniques during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

The health emergency generated as a result of the impact of Covid-19 has caused an unprecedented total stop to activity in the field of assisted reproduction, following the safety recommendations of the main scientific societies. Although there is currently no evidence that the virus can be isolated in gametes and embryos, preventing pregnancy is suggested […]

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Coronavirus and Endometriosis

The pandemic we are currently experiencing due to the new coronavirus COVID-19 has obviously overshadowed everything else. Still, we do not want to forget that this month is an important month for those who suffer from endometriosis. Endometriosis is a chronic, painful, and incurable disease. We know that one of the possible causes of the […]

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Coronavirus COVID-19 and gestational diabetes

we know, pregnant women have been advised to self-isolate as a precaution
simply because they are pregnant.

Should the pregnant woman leave home isolation to go
to a health center to perform the O’Sullivan Test?


A pregnant woman with a positive O’Sullivan test.
Should she leave isolation to go to a health center to perform the Oral Glucose


should […]

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Coronavirus resistence on a variety of surfaces

It has been recently confirmed that the coronavirus
can remain active even for several days depending on the surfaces on which it is
found. This proves that it is not only caught when airborne, where it remains
for 3 hours, but there are also other ways of propagation via contact with
objects on which it has landed.

Depending on the […]

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How does coronavirus (COVID-19) affect pregnant women?

On March 17 the SEGO (Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics) sent to all of its associates the Technical Document for the Management of pregnant women and newborns with COVID-19.

They are,
it warned, recommendations being reviewed continuously, subject to modification
if the epidemiological situation and the therapeutic options require it. The
document stated the following:

Management of a COVID-19 […]

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Coronavirus (covid-19): Latest news and recommendations


Given the foreseeable evolution of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and putting the health of our patients, their embryos, collaborators and all the Instituto Bernabeu group’s team, we will keep the group’s clinics closed with the exception of certain days of the week that our clinics of Alicante, Palma de Mallorca and Cartagena will […]

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Ovarian rejuvenation: myth or reality?

As a result of a number of different factors – essentially social and economic ones – including medical progress (availability and widespread use of contraception), there is a growing demographic trend in the Western world towards delaying when a woman tries for her first child. This translates into a number of different fertility issues that are caused […]

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