‘The future is now.’ Dr Rafael Bernabeu addresses innovation in the field of biomedicine at the 20th Intellectual Property and Innovation Congress

  • 29-01-2019

Dr Rafael Bernabeu, Medical Director at Instituto Bernabeu, has participated in the 20th Intellectual Property and Innovation Congress. The event fosters development in various innovation-intensive industries and it is held at the University of Alicante campus in Calle San Fernando 40. The event is organised by the European Intellectual Property Institutes Network (EIPIN) and it brings together international experts from a wide range of fields of intellectual property, innovation and patents.

Dr Rafael Bernabeu gave a scientific conference entitled ‘Innovation in the biomedical field: the future is now’ covering the relevant changes in the inventive process and market dynamics in the sector. The clinic has been innovating ever since it opened and it has always championed making a contribution towards progress in science. The Medical Director points out that nowadays we tend to improve human capabilities through the intervention of new technologies on the human body. ‘Medicine in the 20th century aimed to cure the infirm. Medicine in the 21st century aims to improve the condition the infirm’, explains Dr Rafael Bernabeu. He highlighted the need to uphold demanding ethical guidelines since new technologies ‘give us additional information and more options but not ethical guidelines.’ The unstoppable progress of science must be aligned with the values and ethical guidelines that we have used to differentiate ourselves from all other living beings.

Dr. Rafael Bernabeu

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