Institute Bernabeu attends the 32nd Annual Meeting of the ESHRE.

  • 04-07-2016

The 32nd ESHRE Annual Meeting, the most significant congress for assisted reproduction specialists, will be held in Helsinki, Finland, between 3rd and 6th July, 2016. As on previous occasions, the Instituto Bernabeu group will very actively participate in this event and will make 5 oral presentations and present 4 posters based on clinical studies. The work has been previously selected by the scientific committee.

The progress is based on the main lines of research work being carried out by the team at Instituto Bernabeu and geared towards greater understanding of poor ovarian reserve and embryo implantation failure, fields in which the clinic in Alicante is a reference for the sector thanks to the hard work put in by its team of specialists.

The scientific progress presentations include:

  1. Mosaic embryos can achieve good IVF success rates. R. Morales, B. Lledó, J. Ortiz, H. Blanca, J. Llácer, R. Bernabeu. Oral Presentation.

  2. Very young women are at risk of having a high embryo aneuploidy rate. E. García-Hernández, B. Lledó, H. Blanca, J. Guerrero, JA. Ortiz, R. Morales, J. Llácer, R. Bernabeu. Oral Presentation.  

  3. The position of the inner cell mass during blastocyst biopsy does not affect clinical resultsH. Blanca, J. Ten, MC. Díaz, A. Rodríguez-Arnedo, J. Guerrero, J. Llácer, F. Sellers, R. Bernabeu. Oral Presentation.

  4. Do not disturb the embryos until day5: preliminary results of a doublé blind prospective randomized controlled trial. J. Ten, A. Rodríguez-Arnedo, J. Guerrero, B. Moliner, J. Llácer, R. BernabeuOral Presentation.

  5. A new device for warming embryo during the transfer improves clinical outcomes. Preliminary results in a RCT. R. Bernabeu, A. Rodríguez-Arnedo, B. Moliner, J. Ten, JC. Castillo, F. Sellers, J. Llácer. Oral Presentation.

  6. Transvaginal ultrasonography accelerated video recording is a reliable method for the assessment of uterine peristalsis before embryo transfer. A. Castillo, B. Moliner, F. Sellers, J. Llacer, J.C. Castillo, A. Bernabeu, R. Bernabeu. Poster

  7. Intercycle variation in embryo aneuploidy rates. JA. Ortiz, b. Lledó, R. Morales, A. Turienzo, J. Ten, A. Bernabeu, J. Llácer, R. Bernabeu. Poster. 

  8. Male age is not related with high rates of spermatozoa and embryos aneuploidy. B. Lledó, JA. Ortiz, R. Morales, A. Fabregat, E. García-Hernández, A. Rodriguez, J. Llácer, R. Bernabeu. Poster. 

  9. Improving implantation rates of early blastocysts after elective vitrification in delayed development embryos. A. Rodríguez-Arnedo, J. Llácer, J.A. Ortiz, J. Ten, MC. Tió, J. Guerrero, R. Bernabeu. Poster. 

ESHRE 2016

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