Urogynaecology Day organised by Instituto Bernabeu

August, 3rd 2011

Urogynaecology Day organised by Instituto Bernabeu

On Saturday, September 24th in the auditorium at IB in Alicante, there is a seminar for professional looking at the latest advances in female urinary disease, such as the “diagnosis of functional genitourinary pathology: Prolapse and urinary incontinence in gynaecology”,” treatment of urinary incontinence”or”comprehensive surgical treatment of prolapse and urinary incontinence”.

The day, sponsored by PFIZER and AMS, will be a meeting of the leading specialists in the field.Registration is free but confirmation is required due to the limited capacity of the room. The seminar forms part of the annual continuing education programme of our Foundation.

For the seminar programme and more information click here.

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