The Rafael Bernabeu Foundation presents the prizes for the Children’s Drawing Contest on Motherhood 10th edition

November, 27th 2023

The Rafael Bernabeu Foundation presents the prizes for the Children’s Drawing Contest on Motherhood 10th edition
  • Martina Ortiz in the first category and Gabriele Belviso in the second one, are this year’s winners.
  • Second prizes went to Emma Macià, first category, and María Andreu, second category.
  • About twenty children aged between 5 and 12 were finalists in the contest.

The Instituto Bernabeu Auditorium in Alicante hosted the awards ceremony for the Drawing Contest on Motherhood 10th edition, organised by the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation, Instituto Bernabeu social Work, which has resumed this year after pandemic.

The aim of the event is to encourage artistic expression in children. “It is in childhood that the brain finds its greatest capacity for development. Therefore, encouraging creativity in children fosters their intellectual growth and sensitivity. When they draw, they communicate, and also doing so under the theme of motherhood allows them to feel and convey a wide range of emotions,” said the Foundation’s director, Sómnica Bernabeu.

The awards ceremony of this 10th edition was held within the framework of the international week for children’s rights. These days, as UNICEF describes, “should be dedicated to promoting and defending children’s rights and making people aware of the importance of working every day for their well-being and development.”

In the 5 to 8 years old category, Gabriele Belviso (from Malaga) won the first prize with her drawing entitled “Me and my mum with my brother in the park” and Emma Maciá Alonso from Elche won the second prize. In the 9 to 12 years old category, the winners were Martina Ortiz Lledó (Alicante) with her work “Motherhood” who won first prize and María Andreu Sánchez (Elche) with her drawing entitled “Kiss”, the second one. The awards are cultural vouchers of 300 euros for the first two prizes and 100 euros for the second two prizes. In addition, a diploma and an artistic gift were given to each of the 10 finalists in each category, which in this edition were:

In the FIRST category, children from 5 to 8 years old:

  • Amagoia Boix Bonete from Elche and her drawing “Vega”.
  • Andrés Escartín Rivera with his drawing “Super mum” from Nuez de Ebro (Zaragoza).
  • Carla Cuenca Morales with her drawing “Hummingbird mum” from Mutxamel.
  • Leyre Aliaga Morente from Alicante and her drawing “Mums of the world”.
  • Lola Romera Ruiz from Almería and her drawing “To the park with mum”.
  • Noa Mozo Gómez from Calahorra with “The Old Castor”
  • Saúl Ferrándiz Albero with “Taking care of mum” from Novelda.
  • David Romero Velázquez from Sevilla

In the SECOND category (ages from 9 to 12) are:

  • Aina Hueso Pérez from Valencia with her drawing “Mausi”.
  • Alessia Gasparín Hernández from Alicante
  • Anna Sidebothan Climent from Elche with her work “Piggyback”
  • Brenda López from Madrid and her drawing entitled “Mother, the word that never grows old”.
  • Carlota Lloret Sancho from Alcoy with “Firulais”.
  • Celia Amorós from Alicante with her drawing “My little one”.
  • Leire Ruiz Barrero from Bilbao con su obra “Lía”
  • Mya López Delgado also from Alicante

In this 10th edition, a diploma and a gift (outside competition) were also awarded to the drawings of the children and relatives of the Instituto Bernabeu staff who took part:

  • Jaime Guerrero Sánchez
  • Juan Ángel Mancebo Valera
  • Martina Ortiz Lledó
  • Olivia García Macalí
  • Saúl Ferrándiz Albero
  • Claudia Soriano Bernabeu
  • Ignacio Amirola Bernabeu

“It was very difficult to select the finalists because of the high quality of the submitted drawings. They all deserve a mention”, said Sómnica Bernabeu, who thanked the parents and teachers for their involvement in encouraging children to take part in the contest because “without them it would not have been possible”. More than 700 children from all over Spain participated in this edition, sharing their marvellous artistic expressions: mermaid mums, unicorn mums, mums cooking and healing mums. They have also reflected families in the park, on the beach, at home, in the hospital, among the stars and rainbows. Drawings with crayons, brushes, pencils, collage, markers, but, above all, lots of love.

All participating children were invited to the event and, after the presentation of prizes and distinctions, they enjoyed a snack and a Magic show for children and young people. In addition, the exhibition of the finalist drawings was inaugurated and will be on the display for the public until February in the Instituto Bernabeu cafeteria in Alicante.


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