The Instituto Bernabeu Foundation is one of the province’s most active social welfare foundations and has contributed almost €200,000 towards dealing with social issues

December, 23rd 2019

The Instituto Bernabeu Foundation is one of the province’s most active social welfare foundations and has contributed almost €200,000 towards dealing with social issues

Instituto Bernabeu’s social welfare entity invests over €123,000 in courses of treatment for patients who have limited financial resources. This is over 70% of the €176,000 total spend. It donates €33,500 to NGOs, €14,200 to science and research and €10,000 to student scholarships.

Instituto Bernabeu’s Rafael Bernabeu Social Welfare Foundation has brought 2019 to a satisfying close. Amongst other lines of work, it has made financial contributions towards families with limited financial resources, awarded scholarships to students, championed research and science, supported not-for-profit organisations and organised social activities. The Rafael Bernabeu Foundation is one of the most active foundations in the province and it has donated a total of €176,300 to social issues, 70% of which has helped patients with limited financial resources. Most of these cases entailed complex genetic testing in order to ensure the birth of healthy offspring. The social welfare entity invested €123,845 in treatment of this kind. 

Support for NGOs

The Rafael Bernabeu Foundation has once again confirmed it commitment to entities that work with and for others. Over €33,500 were donated to not-for-profit organisations (NGOs), specifically entities such as the Father Fontova Jesuit Foundation and its programme in support of women and children in Alicante who are at risk of social exclusion. It also supported ‘Aldeas Infantiles’ and the clinic was awarded a ‘Future-generating Company’ prize for its work. Other entities that are given support include ‘Fundación 1000’ (congenital defects); ‘Fundación Noray-Proyecto Hombre’ (a programme for combating drug addiction issues); and ‘Ayuda en Acción’ (support for those suffering from poverty, exclusion and inequality).

Children’s drawing competition

The children’s drawing competition is another of the social activities championed by the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation. The ninth edition was held last year. The participants include young children between 5 and 12 years of age who draw pictures depicting their idea of maternity. Furthermore, and for the second year running, the entity also backed a photography competition linked to cancer awareness month.

Developments in science and promotion of research are part of Instituto Bernabeu’s philosophy and the Foundation strongly supports young people who are faced with financial difficulties in their studies. The Foundation is aware that the effort made by excellent students will help others in the future. It is also particularly proud of its annual scholarships for medicine, nursing and biology students. In 2019, Dr Rafael Bernabeu, President of the Foundation, awarded scholarships worth €10,000 to four students with excellent academic backgrounds.

Support for progress in science is also an important part of the programme each year. The Foundation collaborates with congresses such as the one organised by physiotherapy students at Miguel Hernández University, the national congress for medicine students and the congress for pharmacy students at Miguel Hernández University.

The Rafael Bernabeu Social Welfare Foundation will continue to support social issues in 2020 and make a significant contribution towards a better and more united society.


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