2023, a year full of solidarity with the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation

January, 8th 2024

2023, a year full of solidarity with the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation

More than 120,000 euros have been assigned during 2023 to activities linked to social development, university training, health programmes difficult to access to, as well as donations to unprotected groups and children.

The actions carried out by the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation this year have addressed a wide range of areas, from educational programmes to scientific initiatives and research projects. These activities have been made possible thanks to Instituto Bernabeu’s patients who have entrusted the clinic with their medical care, as a large part of the clinic’s profits are reinvested in social work.

In its 16 years of existence, the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation has maintained its commitment to improving people’s quality of life. Our main objective is to contribute to the general welfare and promote progress in different fields”, said Sómnica Bernabeu, the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation director, and added that “we firmly believe that social responsibility is essential to build a fairer and more equitable society. Our efforts are aimed at creating a positive and lasting impact”.


Different calls have been organised to promote our environment improvement and transformation. Positive values that unite and enrich us, facilitate social inclusion and harmony. In 2023, the children’s drawings on motherhood contest 10th edition was held with the aim of promoting the youngest children creativity and expression.

Last October, a month dedicated to the gynaecological cancer visualisation, the #sentirquemequieres photography contest third edition was held to put face to the disease through the eyes of its protagonists.

In support of unprotected children, €12,000 was donated to Aldeas Infantiles and €20,000 to the Nazaret Foundation in support of its programme of care for mothers and children in situations of social exclusion. We have also collaborated financially with other NGOs: Proyecto Hombre, Ayuda en Acción, Fundación 1000 for congenital disorders, etc.


Under the premise that the basis of society is linked to the cultural and intellectual training of its citizens and that its progress is unconditionally linked to knowledge, The Rafael Bernabeu Foundation tries to contribute to its development through various initiatives. This year, 13 scholarships worth 32,500 euros were awarded to Medicine, Biology and Nursing students as part of the University Scholarships 7th edition. In addition, it has collaborated with student congresses – the second State Congress of Biosciences Students (CEEBI in Spanish), the 19th Congress of Pharmacy Students (CEFA in Spanish), and the 41st National Congress of Medicine Students 2023 (CNEM in Spanish). Different continuing learning courses have also been organized in the field of reproductive medicine.


Instituto Bernabeu’s aim will always be medical attention and care. Aware of the lack of economic resources or difficulties to access to certain treatments should not be a limitation, the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation offers its collaboration to these patients. Its line of action, for which more than €49,000 has been allocated this year, focus on the elimination of genetic diseases in offspring and the preservation of eggs and sperm in cancer patients prior to chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

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