Calculating ovulation: the best time to get pregnant

Calculating ovulation: the best time to get pregnant

One of the most frequently asked questions among couples is how to calculate the most fertile days of the cycle and when ovulation will take place in order to make this coincide with sexual intercourse. Calculating it is simple in the case of regular, 28-day cycles.

For example, using a calendar, ovulation can be calculated by taking into account the previous and next periods. This is valid for a 28-day cycle with the first day of the period marked in red. Obviously, you will need to adapt the dates to those of your period.

In this case, the most fertile days are calculated by taking 14 days away from day 28, leaving us with 2 days on which to have sexual intercourse. In the case of irregular, longer or shorter cycles, we will continue to take away 14 days from the day on which the next period is expected to start.

You will find a simple ovulation and fertile day calculator on our webpage. By putting in the date of your last two periods, your most fertile days will be calculated.

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