We are celebrating 30 years of experience with the birth of over 12,000 children!

  • 24-04-2015
The Instituto Bernabeu assisted reproduction and fertility clinics have achieved the birth of over 12,000 children in its 30 years of professional experience, celebrating this 2015. The most relevant highlights in the field of reproductive medicine are the first birth of a child through In Vitro Fertilization in the Valencian Community in 1985, the first worldwide births of a girl free of inherited blindness in 2004 and of a boy born free of Marfan syndrome in 2006 by applying MDA.

Since the beginning with the first artificial inseminations in 1985 performed by Dr. Bernabeu and his team, Instituto Bernabeu has grown until reaching in 2015 over one hundred employees, 5 locations and over 60,000 patients. One of the highlights seen in the balance of the results obtained in these three decades of work in the field of assisted reproduction is the continuing growth of patients from other countries who come to Instituto Bernabeu looking for an answer to their reproductive problem. And now 40% of all people assisted in its centers are foreign patients. Specifically, they come from 63 different countries and regions as diverse as the United States, Russia and Arab countries. But the largest sources are the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Eastern Europe, Nordic countries and Ireland.

The most popular assisted reproduction treatments

90% of the international patients that come to Instituto Bernabeu mainly request donor egg treatments. This high number is due to the legislation on assisted reproduction in their countries, which is more restrictive than the Spanish legislation.
In general, and without specifying nationalities, the most popular treatments based on the total number of patients of Instituto Bernabeu are: egg donation, FIV/ICSI, frozen embryo transfer, CCS and embryo adoption, in that order.

Regarding the pregnancy rate, after applying In Vitro Fertilization this reaches 85.4% in patients under 35. For patients between 35 and 40 years old, the rate goes down slightly to 72.8%, while it decreases more intensely in women over 40, reaching the pregnancy rate of 37.7%. In egg donation treatments (IVF using donor eggs), the pregnancy rate at Instituto Bernabeu is also high, reaching 85.0%.


Team, clinics and awards

Besides its Alicante headquarters, the group has two other clinics in the same province in Benidorm and Elche, in addition to the one in Cartagena (Murcia) and, since this past February, the group's fifth location in Albacete. Within the IB team, there are professionals working in many different areas: biologists, gynecologists, geneticists, nutritionists, nurses, obstetricians, urologists, psychologists, administrative personnel and other specialties.

The organization has received various social recognitions. Scientific awards earned were: the second place prize from the "American Society Reproductive Medicine" in 2012 for the best research project poster, the "BFS Best Young Clinician", granted from the British Fertility Society for the best speech at the 2014 Meeting, National Basic Research Prize awarded by the Spanish Society of Fertility (SEF) in 2011, the ICIRA award category offering relevant information in assisted reproduction treatment, the ASEBIR research award and the National Award in the ultrasound section of SEGO for the best " Gynecology Ultrasound" work, among other distinctions.

It also earned social recognitions from the Physically Handicapped Confederation of the Valencian Community (Cocemfe) for its "excellent scientific research" and the San Alberto Magno Award in 2011 from the University of Alicante for teaching quality. It has also carried out various social actions through its foundation, the Rafael Bernabeu Charitable Foundation. Since 2013, the group has the University Chair in Reproductive Medicine and carries out intense teaching and research work through different agreements with several universities, such as the Reproductive Medicine Master's Program in the University of Alicante, which is starting its fourth edition this year.

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