International Conference: pharmacogenetics and ovarian stimulation

  • 10-12-2015

Dr Belén Lledó participated as a speaker in the 'European Fertility Meeting: Strategies to improve IVF success rate' which took place on the 10th December in Rome. The Director of Instituto Bernabeu Biotech gave a conference entitled 'Pharmacogenetics and ovarian stimulation: clinical application and cost effectiveness.'

Pharmacogenetics is a scientific and medical field which studies how individuals respond differently to treatment with medication. It aims to identify genetic variants which might explain why some people respond well to medication whilst others do not. Identifying whether or not a person will respond well to medication prior to treatment is incredibly important.

In the case of assisted reproduction treatment,ovarian stimulation is key to success. The use of the right drugs in the right quantities can ensure that the aim is achieved. That is, obtaining the maximum number of eggs which then means that the best embryo can be selected and pregnancy can be achieved.  In most cases, ovarian response is sufficient. However, in others, it is insufficient or it is even possible to trigger an elevated response which leads to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Research has been carried out on different genetic variants connected to ovarian stimulation and polymorphism in the FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) receptor has been shown to be a predictive factor in ovarian response. Clinical application of these results would be hugely advantageous for prior and precise determination of the FSH dose to be used for ovarian stimulation. One group which would benefit greatly from progress in this area is the poor response collective. Optimising the stimulation procedure would ensure maximum possible success rates.

Instituto Bernabeu is a leader in pharmacogenetic research in the field of ovarian stimulation and its work has led to the publication of articles in various international scientific magazines and communications in congresses. This line of research is one of the first research projects undertaken within the Poor Response Unit at Instituto Bernabeu. This unit is managed by Dr Joaquín Llácer and its patients are treated using the latest in diagnosis and personalised treatment measures to ensure improved ovarian response. 


International Conference: pharmacogenetics and ovarian stimulation