Instituto Bernabeu research supports attempting ovarian stimulation in poor responder patients

  • 22-08-2018

Based on the positive results obtained, research performed by Instituto Bernabeu in Albacete entertains attempting ovarian stimulation in patients with low oocyte retrieval levels. The strategy is a step taken prior to egg donation.

The research work was presented in poster format at the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) national congress and was entitled ‘Poor ovarian reserve: is it worth giving it a go?’ Over a two-year period, the research analysed patients with poor ovarian reserve and an average age of 36 and a half. The clinical pregnancy rate exceeded 51% and the successful pregnancy rate reached 33.3%. The research, managed by María Antonia López from Instituto Bernabeu Albacete, concludes that ‘given the excellent fertilisation, clinical and successful pregnancy rates obtained, ovarian stimulation in patients with poor ovarian reserve is a strategy that can be entertained prior to egg donation.’ The research highlights that the results are similar to those obtained in patients who have normal ovarian response.

Baja reserva ovárica, ¿vale la pena intentarlo? López Rubio M.A.; Luque Martínez L.; Ochando Sánchez I.; Ruíz Espinosa N; Ortíz Salcedo J.A.; Llácer Aparicio J.; Bernabéu Pérez R.

Un estudio de Instituto Bernabeu apuesta por intentar la estimulación ovárica en pacientes con baja respuesta