Instituto Bernabeu renews its recognition of excellence in quality and healthcare safety through the Quality Healthcare accreditation

  • 30-11-2017

Instituto Bernabeu Group's commitment to the most demanding of quality levels has once again been reflected in a further annual renewal of the Quality Healthcare (QH) official certification for excellence in healthcare that is awarded by the Institute for Development and Integration of Healthcare (IDIS from the Spanish acronym).

The reproductive medicine clinic was awarded this official credential on 6th November during the 4th QH Accreditation institutional act held in Madrid. The recognition is awarded to clinics that concern themselves with continuous improvement and whose processes are managed appropriately. An audit committee carried out a detailed analysis confirming that Instituto Bernabeu complies with the required quality and efficiency standards.

This quality accreditation adds to other certifications the clinic has obtained such as the ISO 9001 and SEP (Spanish acronym for Excellent Private Healthcare) held since 2006 and the European Foundation for Quality Management (committed to excellence) accreditation held since 2008 and SEP International since 2014. In accordance with its commitment to providing patients with the very best quality in each of its process, Instituto Bernabeu undergoes an annual audit in order to validate its certifications.

IV Acreditación QH