Instituto Bernabeu participates in Life by Merck, a scientific gathering of infertility experts held in Valencia

  • 09-03-2020

Instituto Bernabeu played a leading clinic role in a scientific gathering of assisted reproduction experts organised by Merck in Valencia. Dr Andrea Bernabeu, Co-Director of Instituto Bernabeu and Coordinator of the Genetics and Reproduction Assessment Unit; Dr Jorge Ten, Director of the Embryology Unit; and Dr Juan Carlos Castillo, a gynaecologist and expert in ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome at Instituto Bernabeu, all attended the event.

The gathering was divided up into four main blocks in which experts from the field of reproductive medicine participated. The first was entitled ‘Success: what are we searching for?’ and Dr Castillo explained this from a reproductive medicine gynaecologist’s point of view. Dr Jorge Ten, meanwhile, spoke from the embryologist’s perspective. Dr Andrea Bernabeu participated in the section entitled ‘Endometrial receptivity: timing verses functionality’. Various dimensions of patients who have a poor prognosis plus treatment strategies were discussed at the scientific event. This included recovering oocytes in order to improve yield. Last of all, the section called ‘The future is today’ addressed delaying maternity and artificial intelligence in assisted reproduction.