Instituto Bernabeu brings the third edition of the international Meeting the Experts event to a close

  • 30-09-2019

Instituto Bernabeu has brought the third edition of the international Meeting the Experts event for specialists in the field of reproductive medicine (27th and 28th September) to a close. The event was held in the Alicante facilities and 140 experts including gynaecologists, geneticists, biologists, molecular biologists, pharmacists and artificial intelligence specialists from China, USA, Australia, Israel, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, England, Italy and Switzerland met there to exchange knowledge and experiences.

This edition was devoted in particular to an area in which Instituto Bernabeu is a leading entity: ovarian reserve and new markers for optimisation. The role of personalised treatment; cryopreservation; endometrial receptivity and the role of the microbiome in infertility; and strategies for decreasing the time needed in order to achieve a pregnancy were also addressed at the event. The 3rd Meeting the Experts event also addressed genetics - a field in which Instituto Bernabeu is a leading entity - and the use of artificial intelligence in assisted reproduction.

Dr Rafael Bernabeu, Medical Director of Instituto Bernabeu, points out that the congress included noteworthy conferences “that stand out as both innovative and game-changers for healthcare.” He also highlights that Instituto Bernabeu has patients from over 72 different countries, making “Alicante a renowned destination for receiving top quality reproductive medicine treatment.”




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