IB presentations in the“British Fertility Society” conference

  • 10-01-2013


Last week Liverpool hosted "Fertility 2013": The 8th biennial conference of UK fertility societies: the Association of clinical Embryologists, Bristish Fertility Society and the Society for Reproduction & Fertility. Our group had the privilege of participating in this important event with the following works accepted by their scientific committee.


  1. Does donor age affect the final outcome in egg donation treatments?. J. Guerrero, J. Llácer, R. Bernabeu. Oral Presentation.
  2. Intermediate and normal sized CGG repeat on the FMR1 (fragile X) gene does not affect ovarian response in oocyte donor. B. Lledó, J. Llácer, R. Bernabeu. Fertility 2013. Oral Presentation
  3. Day 4 versus day 5 embryo transfer in an egg donation program. J. Guerrero, J. Ten, J. Llácer, R. Bernabeu. Poster. PDF
  4. Main causes of rejection during egg donor selection process. J. Guerrero, J. Ten, J. Llácer, J. Giménez, R. Bernabeu. Poster. PDF

The oral presentations were given by Dr. Rafael Bernabeu and Dr. Joaquín Llácer, who are both members of the BFS (Bristish Fertility Society).




Day 4 versus day 5 embryo transfer in an egg donation program